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Pontiac Cars

In the day and age when foreign cars are starting to dominate the automobile market in the United States, it is nice to know that there are still American car makers that continue to improve technology and keep making great cars. Although several American auto makers had replaced many of their products with SUV's and trucks, Pontiac was still going strong in the mid and full-sized car market. As a result, Pontiac is still going strong with a large line of both midrange and luxury vehicles that are cheap on the wallet and at the pump.

Pontiac was made famous with the introduction of the Bonneville in the 1950's and continued to develop larger cars until the 1960's, when the compact car became very popular. Eventually, Pontiac found their niche in the 90's with the Sunfire sports car and the Montana minivan. Pontiac created affordable cars that were visually attractive to younger crowds, which is a strategy that appeared to pay off. During the 2000's, Pontiac, like most GM models, started to struggle. However, the reinvigorated the brand in the latter portion of the decade with edgy new looks and models. Again it seems that Pontiac found a winning strategy that shielded them from many of the current struggles and issues that plague other American auto manufacturers.

Pontiac currently offers a mixed line of cars, sport coupes, and crossover SUV's. Their main 2 and 4 door line is the Pontiac G3, Pontiac G5, Pontiac G6, and the Pontiac G8, but they still offer the age old Pontiac Grand Prix and the sporty Pontiac Solstice. The Pontiac Torrent is a crossover model very similar to the Subaru Outback and the Pontiac Vibe is very reminiscent of the Toyota Matrix. Pontiac has ditched the more expensive SUV's and minivans for more practical and economical automobiles. Pontiac has worked hard to prove that you can buy a good looking car that gets great gas mileage too.

Although it remains to be seen whether or not the crossover models are really going to be anything more than a trend, they are currently selling very well. They've lasted long enough to remain in the lineup, which means that there is a decent demand for them. It also looks as if the decision to give up the gas guzzling Firebird and other sports cars was a well-timed decision that kept them right on the edge of the current consumer demand.

Although Pontiac doesn't plan to offer any more than a few additional models in the next 2 years, currently they have plans to keep all 8 models in production. Pontiac seems to have developed the perfect formula for meeting consumer demand and is living up to the name "Drive the Excitement". As the current car crunch continues to have its impact on US car manufacturers, I am willing to be that Pontiac, thanks to their well planned strategy, will be one of the brands that is least affected by any cutbacks or reductions that come as a result of the bailout.