Pontiac G5

With the success of the Honda Civic and then the Toyota Corolla, carmakers have realized that most Americans are looking for mid-level sporty looking coups that perform well and retain a certain practicality at the pump. Pontiac attempted to compete in this market by offering a mid-level model called the G5, based on a very popular Chevy model. If you are looking to buy a sport coupe, then maybe this guide to the Pontiac G5 will be just what you are looking for.

The Pontiac G5 is relatively new to Pontiac's line and is a redesign of the popular Chevy Cobalt that went into production several years ago. This 2 door coupe is a sporty car that is stylish in looks on both the inside and out. The Pontiac G5 comes in a base and GT (standard with most Pontiac models) trims and features a 2.2 or 2.4 Liter engine respectively. The base engine (2.2 L) is capable of 148 horsepower, while the GT engine has a more respectable 173 horsepower. Unfortunately, Pontiac chose not to offer a Turbo version of the G5, unlike Chevy did with the Cobalt.

The interior is standard with metallic trim and luminescent gauges, which Pontiac is famous for. The sporty look on the inside is very well designed and appealing, particularly to younger crowds. With custom leather trim and seat covers, the G5 adds a lot of style and comfort at the same time. The interior is about as roomy as you would expect from a coupe, but still has plenty of features to make the driver's ride much more comfortable.

The exterior is very sporty and features Pontiac's trademark dual grill nose. The Pontiac G5 comes in several colors and the GT model looks especially slick. The trunk is a decent size for a coupe and the wheels add a nice touch to finish off the look. Although the G5 doesn't market itself as a sports car, it is still very fast and has excellent responsiveness on the road. The suspension does a great job of keeping up with bumps and the frame tested very well in crash tests.

Although the G5 is more of a low-level coupe than a pricy luxury sports car, it still achieves high ratings in performance and style, which helps explain why it is still selling well. The G5 is currently set for 2009 and 2010 production, meaning that Pontiac likes it enough to keep it around a while longer. With the success of the Cobalt, there is no reason to think that the Pontiac G5 could not share in some of that success.

The base model of the Pontiac G5 starts at approximately $16,000 and reaches nearly $20,000 with the GT model. This makes it an affordable option for car owners seeking an alternative to the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. If you are looking for an entry level sports coupe, then you might consider taking a strong look at the Pontiac G5. The Pontiac brand makes its living selling "driving excitement", and this model certainly lives up to its name.