Pontiac G6

The Pontiac Grand Am was a very popular car and served Pontiac very well for several years. However, they finally decided to retire it in 2005 and to go a different direction. This led to the Pontiac G6 being added to the Pontiac line with the rest of the "G" models. The G6 is a larger version of the Grand Am and most people would say that it is a much better version. The G6 comes in three body styles, meaning that you can get the hard top convertible, the 4 passenger coupe, and the 5 passenger sedan. The G6, as its name implies, also comes with a V6, which adds great pep to an already sporty car.

The G6 comes in value, base, GT, and GXT versions, which allow the car enthusiasts to select the G6 that is right for them. Each model however, comes with Air Conditioning, CD player, telescoping steering wheel, and more as standard features. The GT has a killer audio system that should satisfy all audiophiles, which can be upgraded if desired.

The GT engine is a very peppy 3.5 Liter V6 with over 200 horsepower, although the base and value models come with only a 4 cylinder 167 horsepower engine. The convertible is a little slower, but comes in at approximately 217 horsepower. The GXP model is definitely the flagship G6 and features a 3.6 Liter engine that comes with 252 horsepower and in a V6 size. Although the GXP model is more expensive, you are certainly getting the most bang for your buck with that bad boy. For all of you manual transmission junkies, the GXT also comes with a manual and automatic capable 6 speed stick. The rest of the Pontiac G6 models come in only automatic versions.

The Pontiac G6, as with most cars these days, comes with antilock brakes and full airbag capabilities. Like most Pontiacs, the G6 crash tested well and received more than just passing scores. The G6 is roomy in all models and body styles, and has an improved interior that replaces the old plastic style of interior molding and trim.

The G6 is very responsive on the road and the V6 really gives it a lot of pep that will satisfy most sports car lovers, while the roomy interior will satisfy people that need to transport friends or family. It's a responsive car, yet your insurance rate is surprisingly good as it's not a huge engine block. All models come in a variety of colors and upgrade options, such as wheels, stereo system, and more.

If you are looking for a sporty car that has some zip and is roomy enough to take your friends around town, then the Pontiac G6 might be the place you should start looking. The car is a great alternative to the pricier Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, and features a more stylish design to boot. Starting at $19,000 and maxing out at around $30,000, the Pontiac G6 is more than likely going to be able to meet the needs of any budget and style requirement. You'll just have to remember to put it back when you are done playing on the roads all day.