Pontiac G8

Rear wheeled drive cars seem to have come and gone for years now, as they come in and out of favor with the car buying public. Pontiac tried to resurrect an old legend from the past, but it didn't seem to pay off. This time, rather than going for the look of a muscle car, they decided to try something a little bit different. The Pontiac G6 was the result.

With the recent redesign and failed release of the Pontiac GTO, the American car manufacturer is trying to resurrect another form of the large, rear wheeled drive car that served it so well years ago. The Pontiac G8, like the Pontiac Vibe, is a re-badging of another well-performing car in a similar market. However, unlike the Vibe, this time Pontiac has gone after an Australian car maker and redesigned their Holden Commodore for US sales.

The G6 is based on GM's Zeta design, which comes with a 3.6 Liter V6, or a six speed V8. The V6 model comes standard with 256 horsepower and 248 foot pounds of torque, which is an impressive engine, albeit for a large car.

The Pontiac G6 comes standard with 18" wheels, powered seats, and 7 speaker audio system, while the upgraded GT model comes with the larger engine, a better stereo system (including CD changer) and powered front seats with dual zone climate control. Although the GT certainly has upgraded options, the base model is still nothing to laugh about.

The car starts at around $27,000 and upgrades to around $30,000, which means that you can get a lot more bang for the buck by upgrading to the GT model. The Pontiac G6, although very similar to the muscle cars that used to be featured on Pontiacs lineup, is more of a mix of luxury and style rather than a large pumped up sports car. The suspension and driving capabilities are second to none for a US model car and although there is no satellite tracking system that comes as a standard feature, the car is said to drive like a BMW.

The interior of the car is certainly an upgrade from the other G models and is where Pontiac really hit it out of the park. The interior is elegant and stylish in a way that seems undeserving of such a powerful vehicle. Some enthusiasts have compared the interior design and quality to that of an Audi, which is a very powerful compliment.

The Pontiac G8 has been around for 4 years and is slated to be continued in the future, even with a different ST model added to the mix. The Pontiac G8, although large and heavy for a Pontiac, is still very responsive thanks to the huge engine. When you combine the large engine with the quality parts on the interior, you end up with a great car that is sure to be a huge hit for years to come. The price isn't all that bad either and you could certainly spend more on a foreign vehicle if you are not inclined to save money on this great Pontiac.